VMware Workstation 6.5.3 Build 185404 Final (32 Bit & 64 Bit)

VMware Workstation 6.5.3 Build 185404 Final (32 Bit & 64 Bit) | 513 Mb

VMware Workstation یکی از نرم افزارهای قدرتمند virtual machine برای مدیران و ادمین های سیستم و توسعه دهندگان است که باعث افزایش قدرت مانور آنها در سیستم هایشان می شود.همچنین این نرم افزار مناسب برای enterprise IT professionals است که می خواهند چندین سیستم عامل را درون یک pc اجرا کنند،می باشد.کاربراین می توانند هم ویندوز و هم لینوکس و هم NetWare و Solaris x86 را همزمان اجرا کنند بدون اینکه ریست و یا هارد خود را پارتیشن بندی کنند.قابلیت های دیگر این نرم افزار شامل : را ه اندازی شبکه ی مجازی،virtual networking ، live snapshots ، drag and drop و اشتراک گذاری فولدر ها و پشتیبانی از PXE می باشد.هر سیستم عامل مجازی موجود درر vmware برای خود CPU, memory, disks, I/O devices, etc دارد.

از جمله خصوصیات این ورژن به موارد زیر می توان اشاره کرد :
What's New in This Release:
Security Fixes:
· New: Third party library libpng updated to 1.2.35. Several flaws were discovered in the way the third-party libpng library handled uninitialized pointers. An attacker could create a PNG image file in such a way, that when loaded by an application linked to libpng, it could cause the application to crash or execute arbitrary code at the privilege level of the user running the application. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (cve.mitre.org) has assigned the name CVE-2009-0040 to this issue.
· On Linux hosts, Workstation will not exit normally if the Workspace preference Remember opened virtual machines between sessions is not selected.
· Sometimes the VMwareUser.exe process on a Windows guest uses 100 percent of the CPU after a drag and drop operation because the operation has not been terminated properly.
· The Etoken encryption USB device from Alladin Systems is not recognized in the preboot environment ...
Following are the known issues for Workstation 6.5.3:

* While attempting to drag and drop a file to or from an Ubuntu 9.0.4 guest while in Unity mode some unusual behaviors have been reported, including failures to move files, screen refresh issues, and the inability to exit from Unity mode.
* Drag and drop or copy and paste operations from a Windows XP guest to a 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 host might produce the following error message: Error while copying.
* When performing a drag and drop operation from the latest version of a Windows guest to a Ubuntu 9.0.4 host in Unity mode, an error message appears: The source and destination file names are the same. After cancelling the error message, you can drop the file successfully.
* You will receive an error message after cancelling a drag and drop operation from the latest Windows guest to an Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop host.
* If a guest is powered off while a drag and drop operation from a guest to a Linux host is in progress, drag and drop will not work after the guest is restarted. To workaround this issue, restart the host.
* Easy Install does not work for 32-bit and 64-bit FreeBSD 7.1 guests.
* Enabling Assistive Technology on a 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.1 host prevents the Workstation from starting.
* When converting Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, the Server License Information selected in the Conversion Wizard is not used, as a result, the default licensing mode is used in the guest.
* On an Ubuntu 9.04 host, launching a Java application in a virtual machine that uses the Workstation Eclipse debugger plug-in, might cause Eclipse to crash.
* VMX hangs in an ATI fglrx driver on an Ubuntu 9.04 host

Read more: http://viethak.com/2009/08/22/VMware-Workstation-653-Build-185404.html#ixzz0OzRnZaIZ

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